This imagined condition ‘s the really one which is called intimate communism

Part Eleven: Polygyny

Monogamy is one of natural particular wedding. In monogamy the new spirit of unique exclusiveness can be obtained, in other words, from individual and you will sort of “having”, that is, definitely, distinctive from the feeling of the possession out-of material things. During the monogamy the partner and spouse think about the feeling, affections and intimate advantages from additional because their very own and you can unique so you can them.

The brand new converse from monogamy is actually polygamy or the common condition off are a wife or husband. Polygamy, or perhaps the shared updates to be a husband or wife, shall be envisaged in lot of models.

Sexual communism

One among these variations is that there’s absolutely no unique exclusiveness on the each side; no guy keeps an exclusive connection with people particular girl, no girl are entirely linked with people kid. This form pre-supposes the fresh new getting rejected of loved ones life. None record nor also guesses and theories regarding pre-background render people clue of a time when human beings got absolutely no family relations life at all and if sexual communism succeeded.

Ways from life which they call by this name and you will that they claim existed among certain ancient individuals really was an effective center phase between a personal family relations system and you can intimate communism. They do say you to in some people several brothers perform marry several sisters as you, otherwise one to a small grouping of men from tribe would together marry a group of lady off other tribe.

In the first volume of The storyline out of Society, Tend to Durant produces: In some circumstances we discover “class marriage,” for which numerous guys owned by you to definitely group married together lots of ladies belonging to other classification. In the Tibet, like, it was brand new personalized getting a group of brothers in order to wed a group of sisters, and also for the a couple teams to apply intimate communism between the two, each one of the boys cohabiting with every of one’s girls. Caesar said an identical customized into the old The uk. Survivals of it appear in the new “levirate,” a custom existing one of several very early Jews or any other old peoples, wherein one is obliged so you’re able to get married his brother’s widow”

Plato’s look at:

According to so what can be inferred of Plato’s Republic, and you will from what historians as a whole confirm, seemingly the guy, in the idea from philosopher- kings and you can king-philosophers, recommended a contributed family for it group of resident. As you may know, particular communist frontrunners of the nineteenth century plus generated the same suggestion, however,, according to the publication Fru’id virtual assistant tahrim-elizabeth zanashu’i ba maharim (Freud in addition to Forbidding of Incest)1 right down to multiple sour knowledge, regulations out-of monogamy is actually thought to be really the only official law inside 1938 of the some of the strong communist places.

Several husbands:

Various other sorts of several partnerships Evlilik iГ§in tajikistan kД±z is the fact out of polyandry. Simply put at a time a female possess way more than one partner. Have a tendency to Durant produces: “Which state of affairs will be observed in the fresh new tribe out of Tuda and also in some of the tribes out of Tibet.”

Into the Sahih al-d-Bukhari,dos A’ishah (the newest Prophet’s wife), is reported getting relevant you to “From inside the Arabia throughout the pre-Islamic period five kinds of matrimony was in fact practiced: You to definitely kind is the same as what prevails at present, that is, men, from the dad of the lady, asks for girl’s turn in marriage and you may shortly after paying down the dower marries the woman. Just like the guy, born to that particular woman shortly after wedding are regarding calculated parenthood, the fresh dad’s commitments towards the one to son are clear. In another kind, the person, meanwhile as he are married in order to a specific girl, transmits or entrusts her wifehood to a different son getting an effective minimal months with the objective or that have good college students trough your. The fresh custom is actually that he themselves left from their spouse and you may advised the girl so you can give up herself compared to that guy, provided she had not become pregnant from the one guy, while he himself continued to store him worry about out of this lady.

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